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Mechademia Conference at Anime Expo

The 2022 iteration of the Mechademia conference was held in coordination with Anime Expo in Los Angeles. The academic conference was held from June 28th to 29th and Anime Expo itself took place from July 1st to 4th.

The venue for this years academic conference was the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center. It was an amazing location and an honor to share the space with one of the most developed Nikkei communities around the world.

With the Covid pandemic still having an influence on international travel in 2022, this years academic conference was conducted in a hybrid format. About half of the presenters were at the venue and the rest conducted their presentation remotely.

Along with assisting in the implementation of the academic paneling at Anime Expo, Mechedemia professors also hosted a number of talks. The enthusiastic response of the audience was inspiring and demonstrated that even at a fan event, people were thinking about the greater implication of popular culture studies.

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